Focusing on core business

We have manufactured gear and spline products for over 100 years, we are specialists. Albin Components AB is one of the leading gear manufacturers in the world. But we are not always the best. In some areas, we need partners to offer our customers a complete product. We choose suppliers with care and have the same high requirements on our suppliers as we have from our customers. Today we are collaborating with a number of other companies within the areas of:

• Heat treatment

• Phosphating

• Painting

• Shot peening

• etc.

Long-term relationships

Our suppliers are an important part of our success. We always strive to have long-term relationships with our suppliers. At the same time, we set high standards and expect our suppliers to meet our and our customers' requirements. Some strategic purchasing areas are:

• Forgings

• Castings

• Cutting tools

If you are interested in becoming a supplier to us, please send us information at

Quality is our tradition

We manufacture high quality products according to tough drawing requirements. We measure and verify that we meet most of the requirements with own equipment. However, for some customer requirements, we have chosen to use partners that are specialists in their areas. This include:

• Cleanliness requirements

• Materials Analysis

• etc.

General requirements on suppliers

The minimum requirement for our suppliers are generally a management system according to ISO 9001. The goal shall be to develop a way of working that meets the requirements in IATF 16949. The supplier shall also actively work to decrease the impact on the environment. The goal shall be to develop a way of working that meets the requirements in ISO 14001. Read more...