Business policy

Albin Components AB, in its field of operation - precision gear manufacturing, advanced transmission parts and complete assemblies - will be the customer's first choice.

Achieving our customers' and employees' expectations regarding on time deliveries, at right quality, high service levels, minimized environmental impact and a pleasant and healthy working environment is obvious to us.

We comply with the policy by:

  • Customer expectations of deliveries of products with right quality in right time are achieved.
  • Have an open and honest dialogue with customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders in the scope of improvement and prevention.
  • Continuously improve our skills, our working methods and our processes to achieve our goals.
  • Continuously work to eliminate all type of waste in our processes so that both Albin Components AB and the customers’ reach long-term optimal profitability.
  • Ensure compliance with applicable laws and other binding requirements.
  • Have a way of working where we identify hazards for contamination and incidents. Working with prevention by choosing the best options from an environmental and occupational safety point of view.
  • Systematically identify possible sources of illness and accidents so that they can be eliminated to create a safe and enjoyable workplace where all employees are treated with respect.